Long pepper


Long pepper has an aromatic taste, slightly spicy with chocolate and cinnamon notes. 70gr.

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Long Pepper has been around in Europe for many many years: Some spice historians believe it was readily available in Roman times for it’s medical properties, as well as being popular with gourmands and gourmets. Although the more usual black pepper then dominated the market, it is now making a bit of a come-back.There are various flavours found in the long peppers - cardamom, nutmeg, fine chocolate, and a hint of coriander, amongst others and they can be used as an alternative to pepper.

Often used in pickles, it has remained a favourite ingredient in Indian, Indonesian and Malay cuisine. Being more diverse and pungent than normal black pepper, it is one of the rock stars of the pepper world. The plant Piper longum is a flowering vine that is a bit of a climber, and the pepper itself is thought to have aphrodisiac qualities, when applied to the skin with additional highly secretive ingredients. We suggest you just crush it with a mortar and pestle and allow the sharpness to infuse into game stews, curries, vegetarian, and slow food recipes.

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