Organic Hawaiian red salt


Hawaiian red salt is a pure sea salt, rich in red clay witch gives its colour. Rich in minerals. Organic. 150 gr

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Salt in Hawaii, as in many other cultures, has a long tradition. The Hawaians believe that salt is an essential component to achieve inner balance. It supports the natural flow of life and symbolizes deep connection with nature. The various Hawaiian salts with their distinctive colours are symbolic for the colors of the country - black for the volcanic origins, red for the ubiquitous holy Alaea earth and for freedom, green for the lush vegetation and white for the waters surrounding the islands and snowy mountain peaks.

Hawaiian red salt*

Biova Hawaiian salt, with its red color has a very special look. Our Hawaiian red salt comes from the Pacific island of Molokai. The Pacific water is filtered and then evaporated using solar energy. The salt crystals are mixed with mineral clay extracts. It gets the red colour from the mineralized volcanic soil in Hawaii that contains the iron oxide. The Hawiaian red salt is an essential ingredient for large festivals where roast meats are served.


>97,7% NaCI, 1,24% Ca, 0,65%Mg, 4,28% SO4
(Analysis: Test Report 12003116 - 004 Hamburg 2012)

Coarse Grain

Packaging 150gr.

Certified oragnic

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