Namibian pearl salt


Namibian pearl salt, pure and rare salt rich in minerals and microelements. With no pollution is a very dry salt. 150gr.

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This salt comes from the purest deep icy waters of the Antarctic and is harvested along 
the coast of Namibia under the scorching African sun. It borders the oldest desert in the 
world - the Namib, which consists of the entire 1600 km of protected Namibian coastline. 
The largely untouched landscapes are home to a unique wilderness.

The Namib Salt Pearls are formed where the Namib ends and the Atlantic begins as the 
strong south west winds, together with sun meet the gentle undulations of the Atlantic Ocean. 
In an extremely rare and very special coming together of the elements, Nature moulds these 
wonderful salt beads. The salt pans are located in protected areas which are a paradise 
for bird and nature lovers.

Through their hard structure, the larger beads are perfect for the salt mill and are a visually 
excellent alternative to the usual coarse sea salt.

99.5% NaCl, 0.14% Mg, 0.38% So4, 0.15% Ca, 0.07% K.
Humidity: ~ 1.5%
Grain size: 2-4 mm

Special features: naturally shaped salt beads

Taste: Mild salty

Dishes: salt mill for all occasions

Coarse grain

Packaging 150gr

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